SiteBuilder Savvy

Think Outside the Blocks & Learn Thinkific Sales Pages with an APPROVED THINKIFIC EXPERT

Site Builder Can Be Confusing to Start

But it has lots of flexibility, once you learn the Blocks and how to Use Them

This course will start you from the beginning as you create a sales page along with an APPROVED Thinkific Expert.

You'll learn tips and tricks to upgrade the sales page you already have and make it look custom

And you'll learn why even if you create a sales page on another platform, it is good practice to have a presence — here on Thinkific

See Example Sites

Learn to create your own

If you already know exactly what you want, use the sections to add text, images, video, audio, etc. and build something completely custom

This is your sandbox — create what you want! Simple is refreshing, don't you think?

  • Downloadable Landing Page Checklist

    Be certain of what to include on your page.

  • See examples of Site Builder Pages

    Grab ideas for yours.

  • 5 top tips for customizing your page

    Think outside the blocks. 🧱

  • Create & Customize your 5 minute Starter Page

    No more staring at a blank page 👀

  • What to do if your course is not ready

    Create a coming soon page and collect names. 🕸

  • Learn to Design the Images you'll need

    Steal my Canva workflow for easy course image creation

  • How long does this course take?

    To watch and listen to all the training you will be experimenting with your own site within 1-2 hours.

Watch the Training first ⏬

& Save yourself the time

Watch Excerpt ⏬

My Top Five Tips for using Thinkific SiteBuilder

Who am I anyway?

I have 20 years experience designing online courses at the graduate level.

I am one of the Thinkific Approved Experts with an M. Ed. I started my career in marketing, organizing complex international events. I have always been the go to for everything tech and have been creating courses online since 2002. I have also worked as a webmaster, designing sites for education. I live in Tucson, hail from England. I've lived on the west coast, the east coast and now loving the southwest.
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